Sanctuary Nam Ngum Resort – a different side of Vang Vieng


When you ask yourself what is Vang Vieng famous for, the first thing that comes to mind will probably be the tubing and the lagoons. But turns out Vang Vieng can be a destination not only for a party getaway, but also for a more relaxing one.

Sanctuary Nam Ngum Beach Resort is located just outside of Vang Vieng in the midst of flourishing Laotian nature. We have found this place to be an amazing getaway and here we will tell you why.

First impression and check-in

We were picked up by the hotel’s car in Vang Vieng and reached the hotel in about an hour. You might think it is a bit far but we believe it is a normal distance for a completely different area located outside of the city.

The check-in was super friendly and fast. We were then escorted to our bungalow which we loved! The bed was decorated with flower petals that formed a pattern. A small detail but that was so sweet and showed us that the hotel staff were waiting for us and they care!

The Bungalow

We loved the setting of the bedroom, it was spacious and with an absolutely comfortable double bed. You know how important it is to have a comfy bed, right? As we traveled a lot before and stayed in a hostel in Vang Vieng to do the tubing, the bed in Sanctuary Nam Ngum was like heaven to us!

The style of the bungalow is modern, with a lot of polished concrete and wood.

The bathroom is huge and nicely decorated. Some bungalows have a kind of outside patio with a jacuzzi but at the same time it’s still a part of your private space and nobody can see you.

The bungalow has floor to ceiling windows and floor to ceiling curtains so you can decide whether or not you would like to have the view of the lake at all times or not..but why wouldn’t you, right?

The View

Stepping out to the balcony, you have a view of the lake from all or almost all angles depending on which villa you get. Basically, all bungalows are located on a small island and if it does matter for you where your villa is gonna face, then do contact the hotel in advance. Helpful staff will guide through all the available options. 


What’s so unusual about Sanctuary Nam Ngum Beach Resort?

Well, besides the bungalows being located on an island connected to the mainland with just one road, they also have a floating pool!

That was the first time in my life and so far the last that I have seen the pool floating on the lake! That’s super unusual and cool!

island view.jpg

The Staff

Well, honestly I can’t even call the people who work there “the staff” of the hotel. The word that comes to my mind is family. Really, when we talked to people there, we felt that they care so much and doing something they believe in. It was not just about work for them, but much more.


So what is there to do expect for enjoying the pool and amazing food?

There is a number of activities on site, you can rent a jet ski, a kayak or a paddle board for water sports.

Also there are bikes, badminton, petanque, volleyball and billiards that should be free of charge for inside guests.

Also, you can explore the outside area, for instance, there is a huge fish market.

Perfect for team building activities and conferences!

Sanctuary Nam Ngum Resort features a modern conference room for a business meeting or a team building vacation. We think it is really a great idea to combine a holiday and a team building and strengthen the friendship between the colleagues.



We are happy that we were welcomed to Sanctuary Nam Ngum Resort and got a chance to spend a couple of days as a part of their family!

We especially enjoyed the floating pool and water activities, as well the surrounding nature flourishing with greenery.

Service was at the highest level and this visit has definitely become a highlight of our trip to Vang Vieng!