Hey there,

Not only do we come from opposite sides of the globe, but our personalities are opposite, if not then…pretty different! Along with that from the first day we met, we realized that this is going to be something special!

We hope that this site inspires the traveler in you and that you get to experience the places you’ve only dreamt of for the first time as we do.

Since I turned 21, I have taken every opportunity I had to explore this beautiful world and have taken none of it for granted.

Since being a kid, I have always felt like something was missing from my life - something that couldn’t be put into words.  Being still gives me anxiety, but being on the move and experiencing places for the first time brings a sense of calmness to my life.

I moved to New York City when he was 18 to attend college for Musical Theater, and after graduating at 20 booked my first gig doing a National Tour across 20 states. Until a few years back I had only been to all of the U.S.A, Mexico, and Canada.  

However, after traveling Southeast Asia 2 years ago, a wanderlust has opened opened up that cannot be contained whatsoever. As of now, I’m 31 countries in, 50 states down, and not slowing down anytime soon.

I obviously love traveling, but I’m also passionate about lots of other things: phycology and volunteering, discovering unique places, anything that involves me being on the water, healthy lifestyle&food. 

I have participated in many volunteering projects and international exchange back when I was a student. Having switched a couple of jobs before I realized that I cannot stay in one place and on one job for years. My life is constant movement and I cannot remember the time when I wouldn’t be exploring new places.  

I’m an expert in budget travel and surviving on $150 per month, finding volunteering and barter projects around the globe and an avid Couchsurfer. 

I'm an experienced solo traveler but around a year ago I met Jim and we are traveling together now. So far I have visited 18 countries and trying to spend at least 1 month in each country.