Best Honeymoon Destinations


Wondering about the best honeymoon destination for your budget and preferred part of the world?

As we are getting married in 2019, we started our research about the best Honeymoon Destinations by asking our fellow bloggers about their experiences.

Most people prefer exotic islands with sandy beaches, sea or ocean and some solitude. Some other couples prefer to combine their honeymoon with exploring new places and trying new activities.

Depending on what region of the world you would like to go, we collected bloggers’ opinions on various destinations: Asia, islands in the South Pacific and the Caribbean, South Africa, and Europe.

Honeymoon in Asia

Are you in love with stunning sandy beaches or ready for a culinary adventure? A honeymoon in Asia will not disappoint you either way. Don’t forget about pampering spas and top restaurants that offer different types of cuisine, and some of the freshest seafood you’ve ever had. Experience the magic of Asia with romantic walks along the ocean underneath the moonlit sky or watching the sun set down into the ocean, both will work as an aphrodisiac and spring your love life into full effect.

The Maldives

This one is recommended by Georgie, a blogger from Journey with Georgie. In search of ideal honeymoon destination, she and her significant other went for a classic and splurged on an incredible five-night stay in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives. They stayed at Finolhu in the Baa Atoll, which had a gorgeous and quirky 1950s French Riviera theme. The overwater bungalow was everything they’d hoped for, with a stunning infinity pool. You could even dive right out of it and into the ocean below – amazing!

For your honeymoon you will not regret to indulge and enjoy all the luxuries offered at the resort: an amazing spa, a tennis court, a pool and even a dive shop. You can go on a sunset cruise and see some playful dolphins, as well as go on a snorkeling excursion and see sea turtles!

The island itself is so incredibly beautiful – it's a cliché but it really did look like one of those desktop wallpapers you look at and dream about while you’re working! The longest stretches of soft white sand you have ever seen and the water so clear that you can see fish a hundred meters away in the ocean.

You can opt for an all-inclusive package, as it means guilt-free fine dining (and cocktail drinking). There were several amazing restaurants including my favorite seafood place which was only accessible by a short boat ride or a long walk along the sand bar. Both options were lovely and very romantic!

Overall, we had the most amazing time and I was so glad I indulged a bit for our spectacular honeymoon with our luxurious stay in the Maldives.

The Maldives: photo by Journey with Georgie

The Maldives: photo by Journey with Georgie

Jeju Island - South Korea

Korea's most exotic island is a popular honeymoon destination among newly wed couples. Jeju Island is located just off the coast of Busan and is easily accessible by boat or by plane from major cities in Korea and South East Asia. Jeju is well known for its stunning and romantic beaches, cozy accommodation and delicious food. 

The island has a wide range of activities including hiking trails, theme parks, water sports, many museums, beautiful beaches and much more. Trying sea food and the Jeju black pork is a must when going to Jeju. The black pigs are natives to the island and taste quite different from the regular pork. It is a bit more expensive than regular meat due to the preparation method. First the pork is smoked above a burning stack of hay, this gives the meat juice a special flavor and makes the meat a chewier than regular pork. 

It is recommended to stay at least 3 days on the island, but you can easily stay for months. Renting a car and driving in Jeju Island would be the best option as the island itself is huge. Using public transport is also possible, but will take up more time getting around. Book a hotel or guesthouse in Jeju city, this is only 10 minutes away from the airport and is well connected to other touristic sights in Jeju.

Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island, South Korea


Bali makes a perfect place for a romantic tropical honeymoon. Once you get there you can find affordable accommodations or luxury villas depending on your budget and taste. There really are so many beautiful beaches, and numerous outdoor activities. Taking advantage of the affordable spas to enjoy during your trip and spend some time together relaxing, rejuvenating, and recharging after a potentially stressful and tiring wedding. Bali is well known for its lively villages with great shopping where you can barter your way to down to a good deal. 

For some seclusion, head to Nusa Dua where you will find 5-star resorts and beautiful beaches. Visit Ubud to discover the jungle to go on waterfall tours, visit a monkey sanctuary, or hike to a volcano. As part of a trip to Bali get in touch with your spiritual side. Bali is well known for the beautiful temples that dot the coastline and are found throughout the Island. Find out more in Bali honeymoon guide.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

The Langkawi Island in Malaysia

The Langkawi Island in Malaysia is the most popular choice visit for travelers visiting Malaysia. However, the tourists’ influx has not yet affected the charm and serenity that Langkawi has to offer to the honeymoon goers. Famous for being surrounded by the lush green tropical jungle and the crystal clear water of the Andaman Sea, the small island offers perfect cozy and romantic spots for the couples.

The Pantai Cenang beach town of Langkawi is a lesser-visited place by tourists. The white sand beach of Pantai Cenang is an ideal getaway for the couples to avoid the crowd and spent some quality time together. The restaurants and pubs at the beach also offer many couple discounts and promotions for drinks.

This destination is recommended by Rahma from The Sane Adventurer and she said that cruising in the Andaman Sea while watching the sunset is her favorite honeymoon memory in Langkawi. The dinner date cruise on the Langkawi Island is one of the most favorite couple activities to do. The small island gets prettier after the sunset, so taking a late night stroll on the lonely streets of Langkawi is highly recommended.

The Langkawi Island in Malaysia

The Langkawi Island in Malaysia

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country bursting with beautiful beaches, mountains and cultural delights. This makes it the perfect honeymoon spot for all types of couples. Whether you picture yourself lying of the crystal blue beaches of Trincomalee; dining on the beach with the sunset and stars of Unawatuna; or relaxing in the tea fields of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka has it all. 

It’s quickly becoming more and more popular every year for honeymoons and it’s no surprise why. Due to its proximity to the Maldives, it often becomes part of a Maldives/Sri Lankan honeymoon adventure. As suggested by Cazzy from Dream Big, Travel Far – one of the top recommendations for places to spend your honeymoon in Sri Lanka include Sigiriya. It offers stunning sunsets, wonderful scenery and hikes, exciting safari experiences and the chance to take one of the most romantic hot air balloon rides ever.

Or, if you prefer the beach life, then head to the south coast and relax on the intimate beaches of Mirissa and Unawatuna. Once again, you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets, a trip to an elephant orphanage, the chance to swim with baby turtles and countless snorkelling opportunities. 

 Wherever you decide to go in Sri Lanka, it will deliver on romance, memories and beauty. And, since Sri Lanka is rising in the ranks of the world’s best honeymoon destinations, you get excellent value for your money. 5 star resorts with stunning infinity pools, jacuzzis in the bathroom, champagne on arrival, your own private swimming pools, Sri Lanka has it all.

Mirissa, Sri Lanka: photo by Dream Big, Travel Far

Mirissa, Sri Lanka: photo by Dream Big, Travel Far

El Nido, Palawan in Philippines

Is there anything sweeter than taking a vacation in the world's number 1 island by Conde Nast? El Nido is the premier destination in Palawan, Philippines, and it's perfect for honeymooners!
First of all, El Nido offers amazing views. It has small and big lagoons, iconic karst formations, nice beaches with coconut trees and great underwater scene. A lot of places you'll visit during island hopping make for great pictures and memories.
Secondly, there is a variety of places to stay for honeymooners. You can opt for a simple cottage by the beach, a glamping nest by the jungle or a luxurious water bungalow. You and your partner can go on outdoor activities such as kayaking, snorkeling or scuba diving.
Finally, there's good food to enjoy! El Nido is teeming with restaurants offering local delicacies and seafood. There are also bars and restaurants that offer a great view of the sunset which is perfect when you're enjoying cocktails. El Nido is a stunning honeymoon destination all throughout the year!

Planning a trip to El Nido? See how to visit this stunning destination on a budget

Nacpan beach, El Nido: photo by Tara Lets Anywhere

Nacpan beach, El Nido: photo by Tara Lets Anywhere

Spending time on the beach and sipping a cocktail is not for you? Looking for a genuinely unusual experience? Consider having a honeymoon in the spiritual land of Tibet! With the world's tallest mountains, crystal clear lakes, centuries-old glaciers, Tibet could be a perfect fit for an adventurous couple.

Honeymoon in Tibet

Honeymoon is a great time for every brand new married couple. And usually it guides the lovers far away, to dreamy beaches, green palms, white sand and pure waters. But there are some other places, very different and not standard. One of these places is a little known beautiful town, deep in Tibetan Sichuan of China. This is Kangding - the town of “Kangding Love Song” as recommended by Journey Beyond Horizon.

Kangding is located in a deep valley, in 2500 m altitude, on the eastern edge of Tibet. There is a raging river, passing through the town, with beautifully decorated banks, and a lot of flowers. And there are a lot of local attractions- restaurants, old town streets, shops, Tibetan temples, and its main square, where “Kangding Love Song” is engraved on a wall. One of the main symbols of Kangding is Paoma mountain - a mountain peak with a temple over the town, where you can enjoy a great view to Kangding and its valley. During the day you can climb this mountain or the other mountain slopes nearby. You can go further west on a trip to the stunning Tibetan grasslands, however, the most romantic time is the night. After nightfall, the slopes over Kangding are covered by thousands of lights, presenting stars of the sky. And there is an artificial moon on the top of Paoma mountain. This amazing night view is especially breathtaking if you are on a high place over the town. All this can bring unusual and unforgettable memories of every married couple.

Tibetan Sichuan of China

Tibetan Sichuan of China

Decided to plan your honeymoon trip yourself and noticed that the flights to the islands get pretty pricy?

Take a look at our tips and tricks on how to find affordable and suitable flights.

Fiji Island in the South Pacific

Holly and Simon spent their honeymoon in Fiji in the South Pacific. As they are from Australia, it wasn't an expensive destination to travel to and the main goal was find a place to relax, enjoy each others company and soak up some sunshine by the pool.

Fiji is a beautiful part of the world. It is a relatively inexpensive destination, with stunning white sand beaches along parts of the coastline. The Fijian people are so incredibly welcoming too, which makes it a perfect chill out destination after the chaos of the wedding.

Fiji has a lot of fancy resort options, including several all inclusive resorts where all your meals and drinks are part of the package. They stayed at the Warwick Fiji Resort for their honeymoon, as did many of their friends prior. It is around 2 hours from Nadi airport on the Coral Coast, and is an incredible place to stay. You would love the fact that you won’t need to worry about extra expenses such as food bills on top of accommodation. 

They also did a 3 day cruise through the Yasawa Islands during their honeymoon. The islands are breathtaking and the cruise itself was a great chance to see a bit more of Fiji and visit a traditional village during one of our day trips. We highly recommend the cruise for the chance to see more than just the inside of a resort! 

Fiji is an affordable destination too, which is always a great bonus! 

Fiji Island: picture by Four Around The World

Fiji Island: picture by Four Around The World

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua in the Caribbean

A romantic aspect is a huge part of choosing a honeymoon destination. Nothing quite conjures up the image of romance more than sipping a cocktail on a pristine white sand beach in front of your luxury beach villa.

However, with destinations like the Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius becoming more and more popular, finding that idyllic, peaceful island getaway is becoming increasingly difficult. That is why Sion and Ben from The Globetrotter Guys were so blown away when they went to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Little Corn Island is situated an hours flight away from Managua, in the Caribbean Sea. The beaches are powdery white, the sea is crystal clear, and the island is so untouched. Even better, this island is still relatively unknown, meaning that you could be lucky to have stretch of beach almost entirely to yourself! 

Stepping off the beach with snorkels, masks and fins you could be swimming with tropical fish, nurse sharks and sting-rays. On an evening, why not book a sunset sailing excursion, with drinks and snacks included. How much more romance could you want!

And for accommodation, check out Yemaya Island Hideaway and Spa. This is a luxury, beachfront property with an on-site fine dining restaurant, spa, and even villas with their own plunge pools directly on the beach.

This is easily the most beautiful, luxurious place Sion and Ben have ever stayed at and visited, and they could not recommend it highly enough for a romantic honeymoon destination.

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua: photo by The Globetrotter Guys

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua: photo by The Globetrotter Guys

Honeymoon in South Africa

The Garden Route is one of the most beautiful areas in South Africa: pristine sandy beaches, lush green forest, pretty coastal towns, breathtaking lookouts, National parks and Nature reserves, delicious food and great wine. Alya and Campbell from Stingy Nomads spent their one year wedding anniversary road tripping the Garden Route and are thinking to make it their tradition because there are so many places to visit and things to do here that you’ll never get bored of visiting the same area over and over.

Garden Route is a perfect place for a honeymoon and a romantic getaway for outdoor, nature and beach lovers with a lot to see and do. Not to miss on the Garden Route; Mossel Bay, Cango Caves, Wilderness, Sedgefield, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Storms River National park. For adventurous couples there are plenty of outdoor activities in the area, from skydiving in Mossel Bay and snorkeling with the seals in Plettenberg Bay to bungee jumping from the Bloukrans bridge (the highest bungee bridge in the world) and kayaking through the stunning canyons.

Not to forget about scenic multi day hikes and beautiful day walks. The Otter Trail is the most famous hike in South Africa, it’s considered to be one of the finest hikes in the world; past unspoilt beaches, dramatic cliffs and evergreen forest. More trails with incredible views are: St.Blaize Trail, Robberg Nature Reserve trail and the Outeniqua Trail. For those who’d like to spend their honeymoon watching the wildlife and enjoying the luxury of a private bungalow there are several game lodges on the Garden Route where you can combine both. Do morning and night drives to spot beautiful African animals in their natural habitat, relax at the pool during the day, have a romantic dinner at the restaurant, enjoy the spa.

If your idea of a honeymoon includes a beach there are plenty of them in the area as well. Probably the most romantic beach places to stay are in the small town of Sedgefield - long white sand beach with not many people and Noetzie beach near Knysna. Both places have some stunning accommodation options perfect for a romantic beach escape.

Garden Route in South Africa: photo by Stingy Nomads

Garden Route in South Africa: photo by Stingy Nomads

Honeymoon in Europe

When people think of Europe, they think of the typical days spent roaming the streets of major cities soaking in the culture and lining their stomachs with good foods and fine wines. But what most people don’t stop to think about is the incredible islands that are just off the coast in Southern Europe.

Santorini, Greece

When asked what place is the most romantic in Greece, consciously or not, only one word comes to mind - Santorini. The island of breathtaking beauty is included in the list of the most romantic places on the planet! Natural beauty is not the only reason why the Greek island is popular among newlyweds. There are a large number of monasteries, churches, traditional villages with narrow streets, snow-white houses, and ancient ruins.

From the moment you set foot on the rocky lands of Santorini for the first time, your honeymoon fairy tale begins - magical sunsets and sunrises, clear waters of the Aegean Sea, picturesque views from the city built into the mountainside… This island is really able to turn your vacation into a living fairy tale!

You can stay in one of the honeymoon hotels (believe us, there is no shortage of this in Santorini), rent an apartment, or an entire villa with a private pool, staff, and even a personal chef! We would recommend you to stay in Oia, Fira, or Imerovigli - the main recreation areas for newlyweds and couples.

Take a trip to the Santorini volcano or visit the white, black, and red beaches of Santorini. Enjoy the sunset accompanied by some live music in a tavern on the top of a cliff. Even the most ordinary and routine things on Santorini acquire a special atmosphere - the food seems tastier, the days longer, and the sunsets become a unique experience that you are looking forward to every evening. Sign up for an excursion to a wine cellar, or arrange a tasting of local cheeses, and in the evening - a candlelit dinner on board of a luxury yacht.

The time of the tourist season here lasts from mid-spring to mid-autumn, and the largest flow of tourists is observed, as a rule, from June to August. Therefore, it is better to spend a honeymoon in Santorini in spring or autumn - when the streets, hotels and beaches are not filled with crowds of vacationers who interfere with the romantic mood.

You must have heard that Santorini is pretty expensive? It’s true.

Is it possible to do it on a budget and still have an amazing time? Absolutely, that’s what we did and shared our tips for a budget trip to this romantic Greek island.

Santorini, Greece: photo by Executive Thrillseekers

Santorini, Greece: photo by Executive Thrillseekers

Madeira Island in Portugal

The small, exotic, Portuguese island called Madeira is a perfect place for a honeymoon. Long walks in beautiful, quiet nature with your beloved one. The landscapes are stunning: mountain peaks covered in clouds, waterfalls and great cuisine - Madeira is simply created for couples. Madeira is an island that steals your heart, which inspires you. As suggested by Say Yes to Madeira you can organize a wedding or honeymoon photo session in fantastic photogenic locations.

Madeira Island

Madeira Island

A Portuguese Road Trip

For most of the people the key to the perfect honeymoon is planning. It is important to determine what each of you likes to do when on vacation. Is one of you a city person while the other prefers lounging by a pool or beach? Is there a destination that suits both of you? Are you both up for adventure?

As Shelley from Niche Travel Design says, it was ironic that with all that planning in mind, her honeymoon was all about no planning at all.

Her honeymoon was a three week road trip in Portugal back in the day when GPS or smartphones were not so widely used. And for two practical planners like Shelley and her husband, it turned out to be a fantastic trip. 

It was fantastic for a myriad of reasons. First, the Portuguese are some of the nicest, most helpful, and lovely people that I’ve ever encountered. They are happy that you are there and they want to share their amazing country with you. It feels like visiting an old friend. Second, the landscape is stunning and varied. In the north you find mountains, dramatic seascapes, a port city, and wine country. The middle is comprised of agriculture and beautiful rivers. And in the south you will find some of the prettiest beaches and resorts in the world.  Third, the food and wine are delicious and affordable. Portugal is one of the best values for your dollar that you will find. Lots of seafood, good wines and port. Yum! Fourth, Portugal is steeped in history, there are so many historical sites and stories to discover.

 Finally, taking a road trip without reservations is a perfect metaphor for marriage. Not only you can learn about Portugal, but also about yourselves. Just as it happened for Shelley and her husband, an unplanned road trip will teach you to work together to solve issues and deal with unexpected situations you encounter on the road. It will teach you to slow down and just enjoy the moment, the importance of being flexible and changing course, and to take delight in surprises. 

Road trip is a perfect metaphor for the life adventure of two – marriage.

Portugal: picture by Niche Travel Design

Portugal: picture by Niche Travel Design

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands may not be the usual honeymoon destination. Usually you think of beautiful blue seas, golden sands and palm trees. As suggested by Meandering Wild, you can achieve two out of three is Scotland. Heading north from Glasgow, the mountains start to rise and the misty romantic landscape of the Highlands starts to surround you. There are lochs for long walks or if you are a little more energetic – mountains to be climbed, including Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the U.K. 

If you need something a little less strenuous, then the Scottish Highlands can provide small hidden retreats and old castles to explore. Cottages on the shores of a loch or the beach where you can snuggle down and watch the weather come in from the Atlantic Ocean is the perfect way to spend a few days with your soulmate. A fire, fresh local salmon and local whisky, what more do you need. If the weather is fine, then the Highlands have perfect sandy beaches. Unspoiled and isolated. Even in the middle of summer you will have the beach to yourself. You may be wrapped up against the weather, but that warm glow after being out all day is the perfect start to a marriage.

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands

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